Computational Learning and Memory Group


Peer-reviewed articles

Contextual inference in learning and memory
James B Heald, M Lengyel* and D Wolpert*
Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 2022
Planning in the brain
M Mattar and M Lengyel
Neuron, 2022
Adaptive erasure of spurious sequences in sensory cortical circuits
A Bernacchia, József Fiser, G Hennequin* and M Lengyel*
Neuron, 2022
Representations of uncertainty: where art thou?
Ádám Koblinger, József Fiser and M Lengyel
Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 2021
Contextual inference underlies the learning of sensorimotor repertoires
James B Heald, M Lengyel* and D Wolpert*
Nature, 2021
A universal probabilistic spike count model reveals ongoing modulations of neural variability
D Liu and M Lengyel
NeurIPS, 2021
Cortical-like dynamics in recurrent circuits optimized for sampling-based probabilistic inference
R Echeveste, L Aitchison, G Hennequin* and M Lengyel*
Nature Neuroscience, 2020
Unimodal statistical learning produces multimodal object-like representations
G Lengyel, G Žalalytė, A Pantelides, J Ingram, J Fiser*, M Lengyel* and D Wolpert*
eLife, 2019
Representational untangling by the firing rate nonlinearity in V1 simple cells
ME Gáspár, P-O Polack, P Golshani, M Lengyel and G Orbán
eLife, 2019
Editorial overview: Computational neuroscience
B Doiron and M Lengyel
Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 2019
Global and multiplexed dendritic computations under in vivo-like conditions.
B Ujfalussy, JK Makara, M Lengyel* and T Branco*
Neuron, 2018
The redemption of noise: inference with neural populations
R Echeveste and M Lengyel
Trends in Neurosciences, 2018
The dynamical regime of sensory cortex: stable dynamics around a single stimulus-tuned attractor account for patterns of noise variability
G Hennequin, Y Ahmadian*, D B Rubin*, M LengyelŦ and KD MillerŦ
Neuron, 2018
Exact natural gradient in deep linear networks and application to the nonlinear case
A Bernacchia, M Lengyel and G Hennequin
NeurIPS, 2018
With or without you: predictive coding and Bayesian inference in the brain
L Aitchison and M Lengyel
Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 2017
Goal-directed decision making with spiking neurons
J Friedrich and M Lengyel
Journal of Neuroscience, 2016
Statistical treatment of looking-time data
G Csibra, M Hernik, O Mascaro, D Tatone and M Lengyel
Developmental Psychology, 2016
Active sensing in the categorization of visual patterns
S-CH Yang, M Lengyel* and D Wolpert*
eLife, 2016
Theoretical perspectives on active sensing
S-CH Yang, D Wolpert* and M Lengyel*
Current Opinion in Behavioural Sciences, 2016
Neural variability and sampling-based probabilistic representations in the visual cortex
G Orbán, P Berkes, J Fiser and M Lengyel
Neuron, 2016
The Hamiltonian brain: efficient probabilistic inference with excitatory-inhibitory neural circuit dynamics
L Aitchison and M Lengyel
PLoS Computational Biology, 2016
Efficient state-space modularization for planning: theory, behavioral and neural signatures
D McNamee, D Wolpert and M Lengyel
NIPS, 2016
Dendritic nonlinearities are tuned for efficient spike-based computations in cortical circuits
B Ujfalussy, JK Makara, T Branco and M Lengyel
eLife, 2015
Optimal recall from bounded metaplastic synapses: predicting functional adaptations in hippocampal area CA3
C Savin, P Dayan and M Lengyel
PLoS Computational Biology, 2014
A dual algorithm for olfactory computation in the locust brain
S Tootoonian and M Lengyel
NIPS, 2014
Analog memories in a balanced rate-based network of E/I neurons
D Festa, G Hennequin and M Lengyel
NIPS (oral), 2014
Fast sampling-based inference in balanced neuronal networks
G Hennequin, L Aitchison and M Lengyel
NIPS, 2014
Cognitive tomography reveals complex, task-independent mental representations
NMT Houlsby#, F Huszár#, MM Ghassemi, G Orbán, D Wolpert* and M Lengyel*
Current Biology, 2013
Correlations strike back (again): the case of associative memory retrieval
C Savin, P Dayan and M Lengyel
NIPS, 2013
Remme MWH, Lengyel M, Gutkin BS
MWH Remme, M Lengyel and BS Gutkin
In: Phase response curves in neuroscience: theory, experiment, and analysis (eds. NW Schultheis, AA Prinz, RJ Butera), Springer, 2012