Computational and Biological Learning Lab

Jasmine Stone


I am an MPhil in Engineering student working with Dr. Guillaume Hennequin for the 2020-21 year, and a member of Churchill College. I am supported by a Churchill Scholarship. I am broadly interested in motor-control, learning, and memory and am currently working on developing methods for analyzing neural data using Gaussian Process methods.

I recently graduated from Yale with a B.S. in Computer Science where I developed and released PsychRNN, a software package for modeling decision-making, memory, and other cognitive tasks using recurrent neural networks under the supervision of Dr. John Murray. I previously researched human depth processing with Drs. Alex Huk and Larry Cormack at UT Austin, and I researched algorithms for calcium ion imaging with Dr. Jeremy Freeman at Janelia. I also interned at Google and at CTRL-Labs, a brain machine interface company recently acquired by Facebook.

For more details about me, see my LinkedIn, Google Scholar, or GitHub. I tweet occasionally about my research here. You can reach me at